The Gallery stocks a selection of books on the History of  Surrey Heath as well as information concerning the various clubs and society's who regularly exhibit. There are also video's which show bygone times. All are for sale at very reasonable price's. If there is a particular interest which you would like to know about please ask.  

Author / Owner Title Price
Athersuch ‘Ottershaw Estate’ £15.00
Beauvais, Tom Windlesham paintings £25.00
Beauvais, Tom Windlesham cards £2.50
Bennett, Mary ‘Faith in Frimley’ £4.00
Bennett, Mary ‘Life and Work on Surrey Heath’ £16.99
Bennett, Mary ‘Camberley a History’ £18.99
Bennett, Mary ‘The Village Post’ £4.95
Bennett, Mary ‘Frimley C of E Schools’ £4.00
Blackwater Valley Butterflies' £2.50
Blackwater Valley Dragonflies' £2.50
Blackwater Valley Circular Walks' £3.50
Blackwater Valley Exploring Blackwater Valley' £3.50
Burgess, Kathleen ‘Frimley Park & Tekells Park’ £4.00
Clarke, Ken ‘Clarkes view of France Hills School’ £3.50
Clarke, Ken ‘Heenan & Sayers’ £2.50
Clarke, Ken ‘The Royal Albert Orphanage’ £2.50
Clarke, Ken ‘History of Ravenscote’ £1.50
Clarke, Ken ‘New Mosque or Old School’ £3.50
Clarke, Ken ‘John King DVD’ £10.00
Clarke, Ken ‘Camberley at War’ £2.00
Clarke, Ken Diary of Rosamund Clere Newton' £5.00
Clark, Sally Lightwater £5.50
Cross, Sharon Our Home Front £2.99
Elmhurst The Ballett School' DVD £7.50
Forbes, Jean ‘Windlesham Village School’ £2.50
Foster, Roy ‘An English Village at War’ £3.00
Franklin, Peter RMA Chapel Windows £4.00
Jillings, John ‘Emily Jane Popejoy’ £5.00
Jillings, John A Walk through Bagshot £3.00
Lewis, Danny ‘Cordwalles School’ £2.50
Livingston ‘Surrey photographic memories’ £7.50
Meeks, Alan Freedom of the Borough £5.00
Poulter, George ‘The Golden Farmer’ £3.00
Price,Tim ‘A History of Bisley’ £20.00
Sandhurst HS ‘Public Houses of Sandhurst’ £1.50
Sandhurst HS ‘How Sandhurst has changed’ £4.00
Sandhurst HS ‘Sandhurst in the 2nd World War’‘Sandhurst in the 2nd World War’‘Sandhurst in the 2nd World War’ £3.00
Shegog, Richard ‘The Robert Haining School’ £2.00
Shegog & Starling ‘Mytchett Place & Rudolf Hess’ £3.00
Squier, John ‘Henley Park’ £12.50
Stevens, Phil ‘Policing Bagshot 1850- 1985’ £3.00
Stevens, Phil ‘Bagshot on the Road’ £3.99
Stevens, Phil ‘Bagshot Park’ £4.00
Stevens, Phil ‘Duke of Connaught’s Bagshot’ £3.00
Stevens, Phil ‘Surrey Heath in the Dark Ages’ £3.50
Stevens, Phil ‘Education in Surrey Heath’ £2.00
Stevens, Phil ‘Medieval Surrey Heath’ £4.50
Stevens, Phil ‘Surrey Heath Under Tudor and Stuarts’ £6.50
Stevens, Phil ‘Surrey Heath in the 18th century’ ‘Surrey Heath in the 18th century’ £9.99
Stevens ed ‘Chobham Common Great Camp’ £4.95
SHLHC Surrey Heath Censuses 1841-1901 £7.50
Tarry, Alf Alf Tarry DVD' £10.00
Tipton, Peter Eversley Church £3.00
Toynbee, Heather ‘Frimley a Village History’ £3.50
Wakeford, Iain Self Guided Walks; Heritage Notes £1.50
Wakeford, Iain ‘War of the Worlds’ £2.25
Wakeford, Iain ‘Woking Palace’ £2.00
Wakeford, Iain ‘Woking Prison’ £2.00
Wakeford, Iain ‘Woking Town Centre’ £11.99
Wakeford, Iain ‘Changing Woking’ £6.00
Wakeford, Iain ‘Sheerwater Pylon’ £6.00
Wellard, Gordon ‘Camberley’s Mysterious Obelisk’ £2.95
Wilson, Richard ‘Wopses in the Lacocks’ £5.00
Wilson, Richard ‘West End Past and Present’ £6.50